News Archive - January 2020

The NHS Will Still Depend on Migrants with UK Work Permits After Brexit

25 Jan 2020 | Carl Thomas

Following the vote in December, there have been a number of announcements by the Conservative government intended to reduce the fears in the health sector. The government has claimed that it is working on new styles of UK work permit and UK visa, specifically for people who will help to feel the gaps in crucial areas, like the NHS.

However, as the National Health Service continues to buckle under the weight of rising demand, the panic is increasing. Current research suggests that recruits from the European Union are beginning to leave the NHS in larger numbers than ever before. The question of how to staff hospitals and care homes throughout the UK is becoming more dire. Experts are warning that various things will need to happen to bridge the gap.

First of all, the updated UK work permits will need to be attractive enough to bring in more recruits from abroad. Additionally, there will need to be more training available for UK nurses, and more solutions in place for providing the current workforce with UK visas to keep them in the NHS for longer. According to the latest studies, there are currently more than 40,000 vacant posts in England throughout the healthcare industry alone.

The NHS has long tended to rely on non-UK migration for new skills. However, for the environment to survive in the years to come, experts believe that the NHS needs more than just an upgrade to the tier 2 work permit. While it’s true that the NHS will continue to rely on UK visas and immigration after Brexit, it’s also worth noting that there needs to be more opportunities and support for people in the UK who want to move into the healthcare sector too.

Think tanks believe that a fresh influx of nurses and doctors from the EU and other parts of the world will be crucial to the NHS moving forward. The government will have to ensure that migration policies support nurses and doctors from the outside of the UK. At the same time, future strategies the internal growth of talent should be considered.