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British Woman’s Husband Refused Entry to UK Just Before Christmas

05 Jan 2020 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Around the world, many people see Christmas as a time of family and togetherness. Unfortunately, a heavily pregnant British woman was unable to see her husband this Christmas, after he was refused entry to the country. Not only did the issue with the husband’s UK visa lead to a problematic Christmas for the British woman, but it also meant that the man couldn’t enter the country weeks before his first baby was due.

Elise Addiscott from Wales was looking forward to spending a Christmas with her husband from Cape Verde this year. However, Mr. Monteiro, Elise’s husband was refused entry into the UK after applying for a six-month visit visa in November. The couple had a plan for the husband to return home and apply for a spouse visa as part of a long-term strategy to stay together.

However, Mr. Monteiro’s UK visa was rejected on the third of December, when the Home Office stated that the did not believe that he was just looking for entry as a visitor.

Ms. Addiscott, who already has a six-year-old child with a strong bond to Mr Monteiro, said that she was shocked and saddened by his inability to re-enter the country. She was forced to leave the class that she was teaching when she heard the news, as she burst into tears. Ms. Addiscott also noted that she’s frightened by the fact that she has to give birth on her own, without the father of her child present. The couple will be addressing their options with UK immigration consultants and experts in the weeks and months to come to determine what needs to be done next.

Home Office officials said that they would not comment on the case when questioned by the media. However, the Home Office has also said that every UK visa application is carefully considered in accordance with all the evidence that is available.