News Archive - September 2019

Will a Backlog of UK Visa Applications Cause Rushed Decisions?

30 Sep 2019 | Carl Thomas

A leading team of UK immigration lawyers have said that a backlog of applications for settled status could mean that EU citizens living and working in the UK could be incorrectly denied UK visas.

The managing director of law firm dedicated to supporting clients in the application process for UK Visas, Migrate UK, said that a significant increase in applications could be pushing today's authorities to rush their decisions over things like the UK work permit and indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Speaking to the media, Jonathan Beech, Managing Director said that there has been a significant rise in settled status applications throughout the UK. There's a current backlog of more than a hundred thousand cases to worry about, which puts increased pressure on authorities to come up with a decision on the case.

Today's immigration UK officials don't have the time to go back and ask applicants for more information, which could mean that people could be incorrectly denied UK visas.

Beech has called in the government departments working on the backlog today to consult more consistently with each other to find out if an applicant has been in the country for at least 5 years. Additionally, he noted that if evidence of residence can't be found through typical channels, the Home Office should be finding the time to reach out the individual and get more information, rather than making hasty decisions.

With Brexit just around the corner, more people are growing concerned about the changing status of the UK work permit and the application process for UK visas. Experts are worried that the Home Office could be dealing with too much pressure at this stage to ensure that all of the EU citizens in the country get the right results from their settled status application.