News Archive - September 2019

American Man Blocked From Visiting UK Family

17 Sep 2019 | Carl Thomas

A man from the US was prevented from spending his birthday with his children and wife on the 9th of September, after Dublin immigration refused him entry into the country. Ryan Volrath was detained at Dublin airport on Sunday, preventing him and his wife from surprising their three young children with a visit for Ryan's birthday.

Immigration officials claimed that after assessing UK visas standards, they had determined that there was a risk that Ryan Volrath may attempt to overstay his welcome in the UK and remain in the country beyond the restrictions of his visitation visa.

According to the family, they had been living in the US for 10 years before they eventually decided to move to Mrs Crawford's home country in Northern Ireland last year. Mr Volrath came to the country on a 6-month visa, in the belief that he would be able to get a spouse visa and indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

However, the couple had not realised that the minimum income requirements meant that Mrs. Crawford would have to earn more than £18,600 a year to bring her husband into the country with them. Mrs. Crawford said that earning this amount would be impossible when she had three young children, including one baby to look after.

Mr Volrath was returned to the US by border officials on the weekend and is now waiting there and sending money to his wife until a time when they may be able to obtain a spouse visa. He had planned to visit for a period of 10 days before he was blocked from entering the country at Dublin airport.

The couple say that they're absolutely devastated by the decision that border officials made, after Mr. Volrath simply wanted to his kids for the first time since January 2019. The mother of 3 questioned why immigration officials believed that the officials thought her husband would attempt to stay longer than his visa allowed, when he ticket home purchased, and a letter from his employer stating that he was due to return to work in 10 days.