UK Work Permit Delays Problematic for the NHS and Foreign Doctors

29 Aug 2019 | Carl Thomas

Doctors from overseas are struggling to launch careers in the NHS because of common delays with UK work permits, according to recent reports.

These delays with UK visas aren't just putting more stress on the immigrants that want to enter the UK. Experts believe that issues with the tier 2 work permit are also causing problems with the NHS, as the group struggles to find the right talent to support the hospital sand health centres in the UK.

Dozens of doctors throughout the country have already raised their own concerns about the complicated and increasingly expensive process of applying for the UK work permit. Some experts have warned that issues with UK visas will lead to potential risks for new patients and staff shortages. Additionally, the financial experience for the NHS is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

For doctors attempting to start work in the UK, the process of applying for UK work permits is often overwhelming. Doctors have said that even before they have a chance to start work in Britain, they're already in a lot of debt, just because of the amount of work they've had to do with UK immigration consultants to get into the country. In one case, a professional said that fast-tracking her application had cost so much that she had had to leave her daughter behind in the Caribbean.

Currently, doctors applying for a UK work permit from outside of the EU cannot apply for a visa until they have a certificate of sponsorship. After this, applicants need to secure a resident permit using a private company. There have been many complaints that these private companies make it difficult to obtain a free appointment, and force applicants to pay up to £100 for a single 15-minute slot.

If doctors continue to deal with expensive applications and delayed processes, then there's a good chance that we'll see a severe shortage of skill in the NHS in the years to come.