Man Drowns After Attempting to Swim into the UK

28 Aug 2019 | Carl Thomas

A man has drowned during an attempt to swim into England, according to Belgian authorities. The report is being described by many as a shocking insight into the difficulties that immigrants have at the moment.

As changes in the way that Britain handles things like the tier 2 work permit an UK visas become more complex, some families and individuals alike are taking desperate measures to enter the country.

The most recent victim of the immigration UK issues is an Iraqi Migrant, who was found dead just off the coast of Belgium. According to the reports, the man was in his 40s, and had attempted to swim through the border into the UK wearing a home-made buoyancy jacket made of plastic water bottles. The man was identified using fingerprints and found to have been recently refused asylum in Germany.

Though it's impossible to know for certain whether the man was attempting to enter the UK illegaly, the border patrol are convinced that this is the case. The governor of West Flanders described the case as being "very sad". It's bizarre to think that people are still taking such desperate and dangerous measures to achieve asylum in the 21st century.

Mr Carl Decaluew, the governor of West Flanders said that it was the first time that the area had found a dead migrant in their waters. Although he is convinced that many people have died attempting to enter Britain without UKs before now, it's the first time a body has appeared on the shore.

In 2019 alone, more than 970 people are thought to have crossed the Channel using small boats in an attempt to enter Britain without a UK work permit or the correct documentation. This includes at least 80 children.