Almost 40 Migrants Detained by Immigration UK Border Officials

06 Aug 2019 | Carl Thomas

At a time when questions about the UK work permit and new UK visa regulations are coming under question with the arrival of Boris Johnson as PM, immigration issues are rife throughout the country. On the 4th of August, almost 40 migrants were detained by British border officials as they attempted to cross the channel without British naturalisation documentation or visas. 20 people were initially found on Saturday the 3rd of August, in the Dungeness area in Kent.

However, another small boat appeared later on Saturday, carrying a further 11 men from Iraq and Iran. The first 31 immigrants were all of Iranian and Iraqi descent according to a Home Office spokesman. Each of the individuals was medically assessed before being transferred to a detention centre for interviews with border officials.

Another 3 adults and 3 children were also found by police in Sussex on Sunday the 4th of August, also claiming to be Iraqi and Iranian. The children were taken into care by social services, while the adults were handed over to the Immigration UK officials in Sussex to be interviewed about their reasons for attempting to enter the UK.

A spokesperson from the Home Office commented on the event, saying that anyone who attempts to enter Britain via the channel is taking their lives into their own hands. Since December, the UK has agreed to a joint action plan with France to attempt to reduce the number of people attempting to enter the country this way without UK visas.

What's more, the Home Office claims that people should always attempt to enter the country by claiming asylum if they need safety and protection. However, the concern and confusion about the UK work permit and other entry points into the country mean that we may continue to see desperate attempts like this in the months ahead, particularly after Brexit.