Gay Woman Unlawfully Deported and Blocked from Flight Back into the UK

04 Aug 2019 | Carl Thomas

In a time of upheaval in the UK government, the Home Office has once again come under attack for showing a lack of concern and care for an asylum seeker that was wrongly deported due to lack of the correct UK visas. The gay woman, aged 26 and only known as PN, was blocked from returning to the UK after the British government failed to deliver the British Naturalisation documentation, she needed to board her flight. This was after she was already unlawfully deported from the country.

The woman was told by airline staff that she would not be able to board the flight scheduled to bring her back to the UK in July because the Home Office had not supplied her UK visas waiver. The Ugandan National revealed that she has feared for her life and has been subject to horrible abuses since she was sent back to Uganda in 2013 due to lack of a UK work permit. She also spoke about the trauma involved with having a child (now four months old), as a result of the sexual assault that happened to her in her home country.

The high court ordered the UK government to help the woman back into the country, because their original decision to reject her claim for asylum had been unlawful. According to the high courts, the decision was made using an unfair process that did not give the woman enough time to obtain the evidence that she needed. PN is only one of thousands of asylum seekers who were unable to achieve UK visas due to the Home Office detained "fast track" strategy, which came to an end in 2015, following a ruling that the process was structurally unfair.

The Home Office says that it is working to resolve the matter and that PN was due to board a flight soon after her original documentation didn't go through. Despite this, the woman affected by the issue said that she has struggled to sleep since she was unable to board the flight, and a new mode of transportation to get her back to the UK has not been arranged yet. The "Movement for Justice" Group has demanded that the Home Office do everything in their power to help PN get back into the country.