Priti Patel Plans UK Work Permit Crackdown after Brexit

02 Aug 2019 | Carl Thomas

New Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced that she's planning on implementing stricter rules around the UK work permit and immigration visas for Britain, regardless of whether a Brexit deal goes through. Ms. Patel has consistently supported harsher rules for things like the tier 2 work permit earning cap, and she says that she will be seizing this once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a difference to immigration UK standards going forward.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already agreed that he will be radically rewriting the rules of the UK work permit and visa system as part of his first speech in his new career. His home secretary has confirmed that she is already in the process of commissioning the migration advisory committee to review a new Australian-style points system.

When writing in the Mail on Sunday, Patel noted that the current migration system has allowed the UK to give instant rights of access to the EU. However, going forward, she believes that the UK should have more control over who they give British Naturalisation too. She feels that this radical change in rules will help the company to attract more skilled and talented workers from around the world.

While Ms. Patel insists that a new skilled-based approach, with caps on earning for the tier 2 work permit will boost the UK's economy, however, other groups disagree and believe that these new guidelines will make it harder for various sectors to access the talented workers that they desperately need.

When discussing the potential of the new rules for UK visas, Boris Johnson said that he believes that immigration is crucial to the growth of the UK. However, he also thinks that the immigration system that the UK currently has in place needs to change.