Government Plan to Cut UK Visas After Brexit Could Cause Devastating Outcomes

27 Jul 2019 | Carl Thomas

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has issued a warning to new PM Boris Johnson, stating that the government's plan to cut down on UK visas after Brexit could lead to devastating outcomes. The mayor of London demanded that the minister rethink his plans for immigration in the UK, and the UK work permit after a new analysis emerged discussing workplaces in London.

The report suggests that businesses in various vital sectors throughout the capital city and the rest of the UK would not be able to recruit enough staff to stay afloat after Brexit if the UK visas reform goes ahead.

Mr. Kahn has also written to the new home secretary, Priti Patel, asking the government to reconsider what he regards to be a "flawed" plan for British Naturalisation. Kahn spoke to the London Chamber of Industry and Commerce recently, stating that his latest city hall analysis had found that sectors like hospitality, social care, and construction would all be hit hard by new restrictions around the tier 2 work permit, and immigration in the UK.

As a result of the latest findings, Kahn is calling on Mr. Johnson to cut the proposed salary threshold for the tier 2 work permit. While currently, EU citizens can continue living and working in the UK under the freedom of movement rules provided by the EU, the new plans would change all this.

The new system would require prospective immigrants, including EU residents, to earn at least £30,000 per year to apply for a skilled worker or tier 2 work permit. This condition may make it difficult for some companies to access the talent that they need.

Using a salary threshold for the UK work permit has already been deemed controversial by various groups and think tanks because it leads to disadvantages for people in low-paid industries. Mr. Kahn believes that the threshold should be lowered to the London Living wage - £21,000 per year.