UK Government Urged to Improve UK Work Permit Options for Entrepreneurs and Startups

18 Jul 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

With the promise of Brexit just around the corner, new discussions seem to be appearing all the time around the issue of the UK work permit, and the pathways available into Britain. One of the most recent groups discussing UK visas, is The Entrepreneurs Network, a think tank for the free market that released a report arguing that foreign founders may be key to British growth. According to "TEN," changes must be made to the UK work permit and the available visa system to drive innovation in the UK.

The message of the latest report suggests that British policy after Brexit needs to make the country as attractive as possible to foreign entrepreneurs. The team responsible for the insights into British Naturalisation for entrepreneurs and startups found that almost half of Britain's most lucrative startups have at least a single immigrant cofounder. This suggests that foreign-born individuals are playing an essential role in the British economy by creating new companies and additional jobs.

The Entrepreneurs Network said that access to UK visas and exceptional talent from throughout the world has been fundamental to the growing nature of the startup ecosystem in the UK. However, there is significant concern that after the UK leaves the European Union in October, barriers that will go up against EU workers will make the country less attractive for people in search of a place to grow a new business.

The team behind The Entrepreneurs Network have also applauded the idea that the tier 2 work permit cap should be scrapped entirely, to help bring more skills into the startup and technology scene throughout Britain. So far this year, the government in the UK has made a few moves intended to reassure the technology sector in particular that the UK work permit won't get in the way of future growth.

For instance, we recently saw the introduction of the Innovator and Start-up visas. These options for British Naturalisation are specifically designed to attract more entrepreneurial talent into the UK.

TEN believes that these new UK visas are a good starting point, but there's still more work that needs to be done.