UK Men Held on Suspicion of Smuggling Over 300 illegal Immigrants into UK

29 Jun 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Desperate times seem to be leading to desperate acts when it comes to immigration UK issues lately. At the end of June this year, 3 men have been arrested and held by police on suspicion of smuggling over 300 illegal immigrants into the UK. Two of the men involved in helping the people to enter the country without a UK work permit or appropriate UK visa were detained in London. They have been held on European arrest warrants and now face extradition to France where they can stand trial.

The three men involved are said to be part of a multi-million-pound network responsible for attempting to traffic people without British Naturalisation rights. One men, Hojjat Nickhoo, was held as he tried to leave the country at Heathrow Airport on the 15th of June 2019. Another man, Ayoob Khaleghi, was detained following a raid into Nickhoo's address at the end of June. Both men were remanded in custody before extradition procedures.

A third men from North London has been held by the French authorities in Calais after the recent arrest. The trio is a part of a huge smuggling network that is thought to have brought more than 300 migrants into Britain from France in the backs of trucks and lorries. Mark Spoors, the branch commander of the NCA responsible for carrying out the London arrests, said that the men involved in the immigration UK scandal weren't trying to help those in search of UK visas. He noted that the men didn't care about the horrible and inhumane conditions that immigrants were held in.

Spoors added that his organisation, the National Crime Agency, is working alongside international partners to reduce the presence of these criminal networks, attacking their cash flows and business models wherever possible. The French prosecutors involved with the case believe that they have identified more than 59 active gang members following an investigation across Europe that started in August 2018.