Demand for Tier 1 UK Work Permit Spikes by 45%

22 Jun 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

According to recent reports, the application number was almost one and a half times larger for 2018-2019 than it was in the previous year.

There has been a significant growth in people seeking UK visas to work in AI and the cloud. The majority of the 45% increase in application comes from increasing demands from India and the US, according to research from Tech Nation.

The tech applicants looking for a tier 1 UK work permit are currently aiming to work in areas like fintech, software

development, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. Figures have also suggested that the number of applicants for tech visas has sustained a continued year-on-year growth for the fifth year in a row against previous figures. Almost half of the applications received for the Tier 1 UK work permit for exceptional talent came from the technology sector this year (44%).

According to Digital Minister Margot James, the UK is continuing to attract talent from across the globe thanks to its leading academic institutions, access to finance solutions, and long-standing reputation in innovation. Making sure that access is available to the right skills and talent is crucial for the UK tech sector at this point so that the country can continue to evolve.

The new Startup and Innovator routes available with the UK Visas for the tier 1 work permit will also help to ensure that Britain continues to find and employ the right talent for future growth. The Tier 1 UK work permit was originally launched in 2014 to offer routes for skilled workers in the technology environment to enter the UK without unnecessary stress or friction.

Currently, however, the fact that there are only 2000 places on the tier 1 work permit scheme each year is worrying to some industry leaders.