Sajid Javid Wants to Make it Easier for Overseas Students to Get UK Work Permits

14 Jun 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Recently, Sajid Javid announced that he wants to see an end to the increasingly complex rules preventing overseas students from getting UK work permits. Javid has been arguing against Theresa May's longstanding approach to immigration UK changes lately, stating that it will be necessary for the country to take a more "flexible" stance towards overseas workers.

In a statement at a London event organised by the think tank "British Future", Javid said that he wants to see more international students getting the support they need when it comes to applying for work permits in the UK. According to Javid, if students are coming from overseas to learn in the wonderful universities available throughout England, they should have an easier time applying for UK visas, so that they can stay and work.

Sajid noted that students learning in the UK shouldn't have to return home after they've completed their education because they can't get a tier 2 work permit. He reiterated this point in later interviews with the Financial Times.

The announcement from Javid regarding the UK work permit for overseas students has been welcomed by former universities minister, Jo Johnson, who has been seeking to amend the current immigration UK bill for students. Johnson wants to change the limit of 6 months for students to remain in the country after completing their education, to the previous 2 years.

During the British Future event, Javid said that he intended to scrap the long-standing and often unsuccessful strategy by the Conservatives to limit net migration into the UK. For years, the Tories have been attempting to reduce the number of UK visas given to people outside of the UK. However, the government has never been able to meet its net migration target. Sajid has said that it doesn't make sense to have a target in place that can't be met.