UK Immigration Officers Find Over 50 Migrants in Channel

28 May 2019 | Carl Thomas

Over 50 migrants were found making their way into the UK without the appropriate UK work permit paperwork in the middle of May this year. According to reports from the official UK immigration bodies, the incidents are another in a series of events that mark people attempting to enter the UK without British naturalisation rights or visas.

On Saturday the 18th of May, the team responsible for cracking down on UK visas and preventing people from coming into the UK without permit rights were called to two incidents on the channel. The first issue involved a group of 11 men, who were found at 5:50 am on the water. Following this, another 6 men, two women, and a young child were found on a separate boat.

Early morning on Sunday the 19th of May, government officials were alerted to the presence of a boat moving into Dover with five children, two women and six men on board. During the same Sunday, a coastguard also found another 19 people heading to the border.

Clearly the people involved in the border control issue were attempting to enter the UK without the correct tier 2 work permit, immigration status, or spouse visa required to live in the country. A spokesperson from the Home Office spoke out about the event, saying that anyone who crosses the channel in a small boat is taking risks with their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Those in need of protection when they come to the UK need to claim asylum in the first country that they reach, which can be described as "safe." However, since the beginning of the year, more than 25 people arriving illegally in the UK have been sent back to Europe and other countries by the Immigration UK office.