Think Tank Suggests Illegal Immigration in the UK will Rise After Brexit

25 May 2019 | Carl Thomas

According to a recent Think Tank study, illegal immigration in UK cities may rise after Brexit. More people will apparently attempt to enter the UK and remain unlawfully now that the rules for the tier 2 work permit, British naturalisation and other legal methods of entering the country are tougher to comply with. The report asked ministers to be transparent about the consequences and complexity of their policies for UK visas.

The Think Tank briefing examined the historical examples of border and immigration control that may be relevant to the situation today. Greater restrictions on British naturalisation may present new problems for the country, including increased illegal migrant entry.

Along with the release of the study, the Think Tank issued a statement that asks the UK immigration officials of today to be realistic about the issues that need to be addressed when opening Britain's doors to people from overseas. According to one of the researchers from the report, history suggests that people who hope that ending free movement will end illegal immigration will be disappointed.

According to the author of the report, Jonathan Thomas, illegal immigration hasn't been a huge feature in British debate in recent years - but it could soon be a crucial issue on the political agenda. After the UK revealed one of the biggest changes to UK visas in history during December 2018, many reports and discussions have emerged about what Brexit will mean for the UK.

According to the new proposals outlined in the latest work visa, the annual cap on skilled work visas will be removed, and employers looking to sponsor overseas employees won't need to carry out market tests, and a new temporary work route will be created. However, many people are still concerned that the hostile environment that Britain is creating will mean dangerous things for the country in the future.