Protesters Stand Up at UK Immigration Raid in Brighton

17 May 2019 | Carl Thomas

Protesters against the rising issues with the UK work permit and UK immigration strategies rallied in Brighton recently. On Circus Street in Brighton, the group confronted both the police and the Home Office after receiving "intelligence" that an Immigration raid was taking place. The protesters did not show violence, but chanted "Stop deportations", showing their stance on the current problems with UK visas. Police officers drew batons during the protest.

The people responsible for the disturbance said that they were from the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Albania and India. The Sussex police have yet to respond to a request for comment, and the Home Office has said nothing about the protest, which comes after a series of complaints have been issued in recent months about the severe treatment of immigrants.

As conversations about UK visas, work permits and other immigration concerns continue in the lead up to a successful Brexit, the Home Office may have other protesters to face. Already, immigration officials have come under scrutiny for the way that they treat detainees who they are analysing for evidence of indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

The Building Firm where the protest took place, Henry Construction claimed that they complied completely with the Home Office investigation. According to the Developer responsible for hiring the Immigration individuals under evaluation, there was no foul play. The U+I brand said that they are committed to ethical practices, and that all contractors they hired were subject to employment law and immigration rules.

According to reports, the protest began after activists were drawn to the area by an announcement made on social media. Seventeen men were arrested in total for immigration offenses according to the Home Office.