Fears Mount About Preachers Visiting the UK with New UK Immigration Rules

09 May 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

As debates around UK work permits, visas, and other immigration rules become more heated, certain groups are now beginning to question the impact that recent changes will have on religious figures. Speaking in the House of Commons, an MP named Paul Masterton said that religious leaders and other faith groups have begun to raise concerns about immigration UK rules. They believe that changes to the UK work permit system and other environments will make it difficult to enter the UK.

According to Masterton, the issue is particularly prominent among members of the catholic community. The new tier 2 work permit is double the cost that it once was, making it very difficult for many parishes to afford the price to enter the UK. As a result, Masterton has called upon Theresa May to reassess the UK work permit and avoid placing "barriers" on entry into the country.

Masterton noted that there are huge benefits to congregations and other communities visiting the United Kingdom. He requested that Ms. May look at the UK Visas again, and make sure that the country isn't making it more difficult for members of the church to come into British communities. In response, the Prime Minister said that the Home office will be speaking to community groups and faith leaders about new immigration UK rules.

According to Theresa May, it's still essential for the UK to welcome the people who want to visit the UK in accordance with the country's new laws. She also noted that she understands how difficult the immigration system might be for some people, and that the Home Office will be engaging in discussions to support visa arrangements for ministers of religion.

There has yet to be any official announcements about any specific UK visas or immigration support for religious figures at this time.