Iraqi Father Earns Reprieve from UK Work Permit Issues

06 May 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

An Iraqi father who brought his baby niece into the UK to receive treatment after she sustained serious burns recently avoided deportation. Najat Ismil is an Iraqi citizen with three young English children and an English wife. His spouse visa allows him to remain in the UK. However, he was arrested by Home Office officials and prosecuted for trafficking when he brought his seven-month-old niece Rwen into the country in January 2016.

According to Najat, he ignored the standard UK visa and immigration rules because he was attempting to save his niece's life. When Ismil heard that his niece had been badly burned after falling into an open fire, he travelled to a refugee camp in Dunkirk, where his brother's family was living after fleeing from the Islamic State in Iraq.

Najat took the child to the UK where she could get treatment away from the dangerous and filthy conditions of the refugee camp. However, although Rwen received initial treatment in the UK, she was discharged shortly after, leaving the family to worry that she was at risk of life-threatening infections from her burns.

Najat and his family brought the baby into the UK using forged travel documents that they acquired from someone in the camp. However, when Ismail arrived at the ferry port in Portsmouth, he was arrested and charged with trafficking. Najat was then charged to 24 months in jail, followed by deportation.

Following his criminal conviction, Najat sought help from UK immigration lawyers. However, he was due to be deported at the end of April this year (2019). Fortunately, Home office officials suddenly told Najat's lawyers that his deportation was being deferred. The Immigration UK officials gave no reason for changing their decision.

Speaking from the UK immigratino removal centre in Harmondsworth, near Heathrow, Najat Ismil told reporters that he was happy to hear that he wouldn't be getting on a plane. All he wants now is to return to his wife and children.