Home Secretary Urged to Act on Scandal Potentially "Bigger than Windrush"

05 May 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Home secretary Sajid Javid is under increasing pressure by immigration UK groups who demand he takes action in a scandal that may become "bigger than Windrush".

In the most recent issue facing the Home Office, more than 34,000 foreign students have had their UK visa curtailed or cancelled. Over 1,000 people have also been forcibly removed from the UK as a result of an English language testing scandal. The scandal involved government bodies accusing thousands of students that sat a Home Office test of cheating.

According to some reports, students that took the UK visas test over five years ago are still facing attack by Immigration UK officials, and removed from the UK. The drive to deport potential cheats began when Theresa May took her tenure and promised to create a more hostile environment for migrants who were deemed to be living in the country illegally.

Thousands of students remaining in the UK today are fighting to clear the reputations and prove that they weren't guilty of cheating in the British naturalisation test. Many of these students have struggled to prove themselves because the Home Office have informed them that they had no right to appeal and must leave the country immediately. Amid criticism from other MPs, Javid is currently expected to rule on the fat of thousands of students soon.

Many of the students who believe that they have been falsely accused of cheating have asked for an opportunity to sit a new similar English test approved by the Immigration UK body. The students claim that they had no need to cheat, because they already speak fluent English, and some were even studying for degrees in English literature at the time that the test was issued. Many other students were in PHD level education or coming to the end of law and accountancy degrees.

Those who remain in the UK today have been prevented from working or studying while they strive to prove their innocence. They are also not permitted to rent property or open bank accounts.