US Women Wrongly Threatened with Deportation in UK Immigration Issue

21 Apr 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A recent issue regarding UK visas has led an American woman with two disabled children to be threatened with deportation. The UK immigration lawyers supporting the mother have called the Home Office's conduct "utterly reprehensible".

After returning home from a vacation in the US, Laura Cullen was informed that she would not be able to remain in the country. The Immigration UK issue would mean that Laura's two children, both of whom have learning disabilities, would have been delivered into social care.

Cullen sought the help of UK immigration consultants quickly, and the removal directions were taken back by the Home Office, only days before she was due to be deported. The Hight Court judge that confirmed Laura's right to remain in the UK said that the Home Office had failed to consider the best interests of her British children.

Although Ms Cullen had confirmed her British naturalisation status in January of 2019, the department of Immigration for the UK is still holding her passport. Ms Cullen is currently on immigration bail. This means that Laura's passport is being withheld by the Home Office, and she can be detained by the immigration authorities at any time.

The issues that Ms Cullen faces with UK visas at this time also means that she is not able to travel back to the US to visit her unwell mother, who is now in the care of a home after suffering from a stroke. According to UK immigration lawyers and consultants, it's unusual that the Home Office has not paid any attention to the needs of Ms Cullen's children. Additionally, the decision not to return her passport has been called into question by immigration consultants.

Ms Cullen's solicitor has made a statement, saying that the situation is "absolutely outrageous", particularly when the courts consider the needs of the woman's children. The issue that the family faces now is getting through the administrative process of getting Ms Cullen's passport returned to her, so she can continue to live her life as normal and visit her mother.