Over 70% of UK Immigration Fee Waiver Requests are Rejected

19 Apr 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Recent reports into the issues facing applicants looking for UK visas have found that the Home Office rejects more than 70% of UK immigration waiver requests. These applications to waive fees are generally delivered by people facing destitution, who are desperate to remain in the UK where their families and livelihoods reside.

According to UK immigration lawyers and consultants, the figures are "shocking," and an indication of how difficult it is to obtain UK work permits in the current environment. The latest reports come after figures were published by the Home Office after a freedom of information request sent by the Guardian newspaper. Those figures show that 72% of applicants looking for a fee waiver with their UK visas were rejected in 2018.

Over the last five years, the rejection rate of fee waivers for UK work permits has varied between 72% and 90". The number of applications to be rejected is even high among child applicants. In 2018, approximately 69% of the requests sent by someone under the age of 18 were rejected by the home office. This is even though fees for UK visas have risen drastically in recent years.

Some families are forced to pay up to £7,000 in fees, just so that they can apply for a UK work permit or leave to remain in the country. Additionally, there's no legal aid available for most of the people applying to access British Naturalisation. This means that most families will need to pay a lot more than just the basic fees to stay in the UK.

In recent reports, UK immigration consultants have claimed that rejected requests for fee waivers have left clients destitute and homeless. Some people have suffered from mental health issues that have required them to be admitted to hospital care.
The Shadow Minister for Immigration, Afzal Khan has said that the country needs to restore humanity and sense to the processes in place for UK visas.