Scottish Labour Condemns UK Immigration Plans After Brexit as "Cruel and Stupid"

17 Apr 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Long after the Brexit deadline was set, the UK is still battling over concepts like UK work permits and immigration laws. The country is facing a state of confusion as the government continues to look for the right way out of the EU. However, in the meantime,

Scotland's Labour group has begun to speak out about what they consider to be "cruel and stupid" rules for the future of UK visas.

According to new research conducted in Scotland, the UK work permit rules that demand a £30,000 salary threshold for applicants to enter the UK would eliminate 1.5 million jobs in Scotland. According to the Labour party, the minimum salary threshold for the tier 2 work permit could have a disastrous impact on the northern side of the border.

The recent research into UK visas and their issues comes from an analysis of the House of Commons Library. The study shows that the scale of the impact is dramatic, with a major problem in areas like social care, health, and hospitality.

Commenting on the issues around the UK work permit, the Shadow Secretary for Scotland, Lesley Laird said that the proposed threshold would apply to 1.5 million jobs in Scotland. Following Brexit's changes to the tier 2 work permit, the Scottish economy could suffer significantly - particularly in areas to do with the NHS and other public services.

Scottish ministers have already begun to raise concerns over what a £30,000 salary threshold would do to Immigration and UK visas north of the border. One spokesperson for the UK government said that the purpose of the new UK work permit guidelines is to drive up the wages that are paid to today's essential workers and enhance productivity.

The groups responsible for the rules around today's UK visas suggest that they will help the country to attract the kind of talent that it needs most while delivering what the country asked for regarding the end of free movement.