Can the Home Office Manage UK Visas After Brexit?

12 Apr 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Groups are beginning to question whether the Home Office can officially handle UK visas after Brexit.

In recent months, the UK has dealt with a multitude of scandals involving Immigration UK groups, including unjustly deporting people, and revoking permits. One report recently issued by the Institute for Government, or IfG suggests that the Home Office may not be capable of managing UK visas at all when Brexit is implemented.

The researchers at the IfG have indicated that the Home Office should not be allowed to make decisions about the UK work permit, or visa policies. As things stand, the authors of the report believe that the UK government is not ready to meet the challenge that Brexit brings to Immigration in the UK.

The IfG has implied that the creation of a second government body or department might be necessary to deal with UK visas after Brexit takes place. The group also indicated that if issues regarding the tier 2 work permit, indefinite leave to remain in the UK and more continue, the government could be in trouble. The IfG stated that the Home Office might face a crisis that is bigger than the Windrush scandal in the years to come.

Currently, EU settlement schemes are set to involve about 3.5 million citizens after Brexit takes place. This has left groups including IfG wondering if the Home Office can handle the pressure. Everything from the 2018 Windrush scandal to unrealistic migration targets has left official parties concerned.

The IfG even described the Conservative's current immigration UK policy as an issue that keeps lurching from one crisis to the next.

The latest report indicates that the Home Office needs to begin considering other options when it comes to dealing with UK visas in the years to come. A public body may be able to take over the reins of the immigration strategy and manage specific parts of the system on the Home Office's behalf.