Labour Discusses Green-Lighting NHS Work Permits

01 Apr 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

According to recent reports, the Labour government party have claimed that they'd be willing to greenlight a UK work permit system for all members of the NHS. The system would eliminate worries around immigration for people in the NHS, regardless of their job title or employment level.

According to shadow health secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, it's not unreasonable for similar commitments to be made to the social care sector going forwards too.

The Labour group has pledged that if they were to end up in power, they would expand the medical training initiative for anyone who wanted to enter it too. This would provide UK work permit options for a small group of people from outside of the UK, who want to come and train with the NHS.

The announcement regarding immigration UK rules for NHS workers comes after Mr. Ashworth described the latest UK visas whitepaper as a cause for concern. Some people have railed against the updates, stating that a restrictive EEA policy means bad things for the future of doctors and nurses in the UK. However, the government has also revealed that medical radiographers, paramedics, and nurses will be exempt from the minimum salary requirement necessary for a work permit in the UK.

Labour's representatives said that the group would be placing additional focus on investing in leadership and management training opportunities for healthcare employees too. The group believes that good healthcare also requires high-level leadership.

In the discussion about changing UK work permit options, the Labour shadow health secretary Mr. Ashworth also said that Labour would restore professional development funding for people in healthcare. The plan would be to return funding back to the levels it saw in the year of 2013 and 2014. This would mean giving the NHS a new investment of £250 million.

Mr. Ashworth further explained in his speech that Labour would be keen to place a national wellbeing strategy for staff in the NHS into place going forward too.