Government Reforms Tier 2 Work Permit Rules to Protect Schools and NH

25 Mar 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The UK immigration team of the Home Office has announced that certain professions will be exempt from the Tier 2 work permit salary threshold this month. The announcement relating to UK visas comes after concerns that the £30,000 salary minimum would lead to a staffing crisis in hospitals and schools after Brexit.

From the end of March 2019, Non-EEA citizens applying for a UK work permit as a nurse, medical radiographer, paramedic, or secondary school teacher for Mandarin or STEM subjects will have a different, lower rate to meet of £20,800.

According to the government, the change to the work permit UK restrictions comes in response to concerns from numerous groups, who have complained that individuals in these vital jobs wouldn't be able to find employment. Many of these crucial careers simply don't offer high enough salaries as standard to meet the typical threshold. These concerns have arisen at a time when the number of UK visas given to EU citizens has dropped to its lowest point in a decade.

The long-term tier 2 work permit scheme that will affect all migrants going forward has yet to be decided. The government is still discussing how Immigration in the UK will change after the transitional period for Brexit closes. If a no-deal Brexit happens, EU applicants would need to apply for leave to remain temporarily

In the meantime, the lower tier 2 work permit threshold for members of the NHS and educational field will ensure that our hospitals and schools can continue to attract experienced professionals from overseas. Other professions not on the list for the lower rate will still be affected by the original limit of £30,000. Some critics say that the move to make some UK visas easier to obtain may not be enough to remove broader country-wide worries about talent shortages.