UK Immigration Minister Discusses the Possibility of British ID Cards After Brexit

20 Mar 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Following the latest discussions about UK work permits and immigration options after Brexit, UK Minister Caroline Nokes has commented on the possibility of an ID card system.

The Immigration UK minister has said that an ID card strategy may be the response to the complexity left around residence rules and indefinite leave to remain in the UK once free movement is over.

According to Nokes, the government can currently seven separate ways in which EU nationals may be able to continue living in the UK after Brexit happens. The promise of Britain leaving the UK has already presented a number of problems with considerations for things like tier 2 work permits and British naturalisation. Now the concept of ID cards is making some people nervous.

According to Nokes, although she hopes ID cards won't be necessary, they may be the only way forward in a no-deal situation. The decision to end free movement makes it very difficult to determine who should be able to remain in the UK, and how we can stop people from living in the UK without permission. ID Cards may be able to show information about a person's work permit, or UK visa information to simplify the process. However, the concept of carrying around an ID card is outside of anything we've ever known in Britain.

Although Caroline Nokes has claimed that she is against the idea of ID cards personally, it's something that has been suggested to her a number of times. During the course of multiple immigration UK debates, people within the Commons have frequently brought up the idea of new ways to identify people from inside and outside of the UK. It may be that in the future, anyone with indefinite leave to remain in the UK will need to prove their right to be in the country by always carrying the right documentation on their person.

For the time being, no official solutions have been confirmed.