UK Immigration from Outside the EU Rises

13 Mar 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The number of people looking to migrate to the UK from locations outside of the European Union is climbing, according to recent numbers published by the Office for National Statistics.

The latest UK ´╗┐immigration statistics ´╗┐report suggests that the number of non-EU applications is at the highest level it has seen in 15 years. Figures indicate that an extra 261,000 non-EU citizens came to the UK compared to the number that left in 2018.

At the same time, as UK work permit availability dwindles and concerns about Brexit develop, the number of people coming to the UK from EU countries has fallen to its lowest level in 10 years. Separate figures from the Home Office have also shown that the number of people applying for British naturalization has also risen over the last year. In 2018, the number increased by 23% to an average of about 48,000.

According to Caroline Nokes, an immigration minister for the UK, despite issues with work permits in the UK, and indefinite leave to remain in the country, Britain is still attracting a large number of highly skilled workers. Caroline Nokes believes that although it's important for the UK to attract valuable people like doctors and nurses into the country, the Home Office is also committed to maintaining a "sustainable" level of migration.

Currently, issues regarding UK immigration are still up in the air. As more people seek out assistance from UK immigration consultants with Brexit just around the corner, specialists like Nokes suggest that the situation looks positive going forward. According to Caroline, as the UK leaves the EU, the new immigration system will offer greater control over who should be allowed to come into the country.

Many people from the home office and beyond believe that this is the most control the country has had over issues like British Naturalisation in decades. However, they're convinced it won't stop employers from finding the talent they need from outside of the country.