Nurses from Jamaica to Receive UK Work Permit for NHS Training

11 Mar 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

UK work permit options are beginning to seem more positive for individuals from Jamaica this week, after it was announced that nurses will be able to obtain placements in NHS hospitals.

The Immigration UK programme is part of the Nursing Exchange Scheme that was introduced on Thursday the 7th of March. According to press releases, the UK visas scheme is initially set to last for a period of 2 years, and it will allow 20 nurses to come to the Leeds Teaching Hospital managed by the NHS trust for 5 months. This 5-month training session will come after 7 months of initial education in Jamaica.

At a time when concerns about the tier 2 work permit are high, the new scheme is a good opportunity for future collaboration between Jamaica and the UK. The scheme gives skilled Jamaican nurses a chance to come and learn from the NHS. What's more, members of the NHS will also be able to learn from experts outside of the UK.

According to Health Minister Stephen Hammond, who discussed the introduction of the new UK work permit scheme, the NHS is a well-respected group with a reputation that spans the globe. Both the UK and NHS staff will benefit from the ability to interact with people from different communities and change their perspectives on the healthcare environment. The new scheme will not involve the use of the tier 2 work permit strategy. Instead, the nurses will come to the UK on visas identified as "Tier 5" exchange documentation.

The programme was initially announced by the department of health and social care in 2018. Since then, the group has been working on the UK's connection with the Jamaican government and looking for new ways to take advantage of UK visas.