News Archive - February 2019

Manchester Man Charged with Illegally Providing UK Immigration Advice

15 Feb 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A man sentenced with unlawfully giving UK immigration advice to individuals in search of visas was convicted at the Manchester Crown Court on February the 1st. According to the data released from the case, Mr. Nygoyi Malumba pleaded guilty to the charge of acting as a UK immigration consultant illegally and providing advice for those seeking support with UK work permits, immigration advice and more.

Mr. Malumba was not qualified to act as an immigration consultant when he operated as such through the "Tameside Human Rights Watch" in Rusholme, Manchester. During the court case, he admitted that he had given British naturalisation and immigration advice to more than 200 clients who had believed that he was qualified to help them.

The Office of Immigration UK services initiated an investigation after concerns were raised about Mr. Malumba's competency after he acted as a representative for a client at a first-tier tribunal in London. According to the judge for the case, Timothy Smith, regardless of what Mr. Malumba's intentions might have been, he was wrong to act as a UK immigration consultant without the correct qualifications.

There were times when Mr. Malumba acted in a way that was entirely inappropriate for his clients, filling out forms that they didn't need, which meant that they didn't get the assistance that they needed. The judge noted that Mr. Malumba betrayed the trust of people who relied on him to help with crucial things like applications for asylum, or UK work permits.

When speaking about the sentencing, Dr. Ian Leigh, the Deputy Commissioner for Immigration Services, said that the crime was far from victimless, as Mr. Malumba knowingly set up a business to act as a UK immigration consultant when he knew that he was not competent or qualified to do so. This may have led to people being deported from the country.