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How the Fast Track UK Work Permit will Work for Nurses and Doctors

30 Dec 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

On the 19th of December, the government of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, re-confirmed its plans to introduce a new style of fast-track UK work permit and visa for qualified nurses and doctors from countries around the world.

Johnson had already referenced NHS visa options in the past when campaigning for his position as prime minister. He discussed the idea of launching an Australian-Style points-based visa that would give more preference to people with skills that the UK needs more of.

The NHS – the environment that offers health support and care to people who need it in the UK, was one of the areas that was confirmed to be targeted by the new fast-track UK work permit during the Queen’s Speech. The plan addressed by Boris Johnson comes with an aim to increase the workforce of nurses by more than 50,000 by the end of 2024 and reduce the number of NHS job vacancies to no more than 5% by 2028. The plan also underlines a need to increase international recruitment.

The Queen’s Speech has highlighted that steps will be taken to support and grow the NHS workforce with a solution that goes beyond the standard tier 2 work permit. With the new policy, qualified nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals with job offers from the NHS will be given fast-track entry to the UK, with reduced fees for UK visas, and other forms of dedicated support.

Medical practitioners, doctors and nurses are just some of the people who are going to be given special support with the new fast-track UK visa. Other jobs that will be helped by the arrival of the new solution will include social workers, graphic designers, artists and musicians.