News Archive - December 2019

No Limits on UK Work Permits for Exceptional Candidates

29 Dec 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The government has announced that it will be abolishing the cap on the number of fast-track UK work permits that are handed out to the exceptionally talented professionals coming into the country.

The news was buried in various details following the Queen’s Speech, and it’s likely to be welcomed by companies all across the country, that have been worried about Brexit hitting their ability to recruit talent with ease.

A fifth of the architects in the UK are currently from the EU, for instance, and this new abolishment of the cap on the UK work permit for exceptionally talented individuals will allow more architects to enter the country. Architects were added to the jobs list covered by the tier 1 visa for exceptional talent at the start of 2019 after excessive lobbying from RIBA.

The tier 1 exceptional talent visas will allow more people from crucial industries to enter the UK without being subject to various restrictions usually present in the tier 2 work permit regime.
Successful applicants will be granted up to five years in the UK, which they can extend with another application.

Additionally, people who can successfully classify themselves as exceptional talent will be able to run their own business, be self-employed and more. These individuals can even apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK after 3 years when endorsed under the “Talent” criteria.

If the candidate in question shows exceptional “promise”, then they can apply to remain in the UK indefinitely after five years when endorsed. The two exceptional candidate tiers available with the new UK work permits allow people to come into the UK if they show that they have something beneficial to bring to the economy. Exceptional talent applies to those who already have the skills to offer something special to the landscape. Exceptional promise visas may be given to people who need extra training to reach their full potential.