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Australian Professionals Could Stay in England without a UK Work Permit After Brexit

27 Dec 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Numerous publications in the UK have reported that Australians coming to the UK could be free to live and work in the country without a tier 2 work permit after Brexit. This new strategy, which ignores the need for a traditional UK work permit, would be supported via a free trade agreement between the UK and Australia. Already, there are rumours that visa-free travel between commonwealth nations could become a crucial reality before the end of 2020.

Following Boris Johnson’s victory in the recent general election, the Prime Minister has revealed various insights into what could be next for UK visas and the immigration system. Visa-free travel between the commonwealth countries is just one of the next steps to look forward to, with Australia tipped to be one of the initial locations ready to discuss a free trade agreement with the UK after the official exit from EU in 2020.

Under the current laws in the UK work permit landscape today, Australians can spend up to six months in the UK as a tourist, but still have to apply for a tier 2 work permit if they want to do paid or unpaid work. If current negotiations progress, however, it could be much easier for Australians to live and work in the UK. Additionally, UK citizens will be able to move to Australia with greater ease too.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson first addressed the idea of improving the relationship between Australia and the UK when he was the Mayor of London.

Johnson also promoted the idea of the UK embracing an Australian style visa strategy going forward after Brexit too. According to Boris Johnson, the nations are very similar and share a lot of similar values.