News Archive - December 2019

NHS Physio Fights Deportation and Unfair Dismissal

23 Dec 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A 39-year-old physiotherapist from Nigeria has been asked to leave the UK when her UK work permit became invalid recently. The NHS physiotherapist, Uju Onuigbo was told that she would have to leave the UK when she lost her job with the University Hospital of the North Midlands Trust. The loss of her job meant that Uju also lost her tier 2 work permit rights.

Onuigbo was advised by UK immigration consultants that she would either need to leave the country or apply for another visa. However, because she was planning to appeal for unfair dismissal, she applied to receive discretionary leave to remain at the same time. She also asked for a fee exemption because she couldn’t afford the cost associated with the leave to remain UK visas. The application was rejected, and Uju was asked to begin reporting to Salford Immigration on a monthly basis.

At a recent immigration hearing in July, Uju had her case regarding her UK work permit dismissed. She said that although she’s been told that she has a right to remain in the UK for her employment tribunal, her visa has been refused. Onuigbo is a qualified medical expert who completed her physiotherapy master’s degree in Salford University. She said that she had applied for opportunities to take on more training, but had her applications rejected. However, when she was transferred into a different unit, her competency was pilled into question.

Onuigbo has appealed against her removal from her position at work. Although she was offered a job by a different NHS location, Uji was unable to take the position because of her UK work permit situation. Onuigbo has claimed that during her time working for her previous employer, she was subject to bullying, and racial discrimination. Now, she is trying to raise enough money for legal representation through a Go Fund Me page, while she applies to remain in the UK for long enough to take her case to court.