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Businesses Worry About Hiring Talent After Brexit

13 Dec 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The British Chambers of Commerce has demanded more information on how a proposed points-based UK immigration system for UK visas would work according to the Conservatives’ plans. According to the Chambers of Commerce, it’s inexcusable that companies in the current economy have no idea what kind of employees they’ll be able to hire on a points-based UK visa system.

The head of the Chambers of Commerce said that farmers are leaving produce to rot in fields because they’re having trouble finding employees with the right UK work permit. However, the Conservative party argues that the new proposed system will be fairer for everyone involved. The Conservative government has promised to introduce a new system that will sort migrant workers into three distinct categories after Brexit, introducing new styles of UK work permit.

Entrepreneurs, people who have won awards, and investors will receive a more fast-tracked strategy to get them a work permit in the UK. On the other hand, skilled workers like nurses and doctors with a confirmed job order would be in another category. This category would be similar to the Tier 2 work permit. Additionally, those with eligibility for an NHS visa will also receive fast-track support to enter the country and reduced fees.

Finally, low and unskilled workers trying to get UK visas would be placed in an environment that makes it harder for them to enter the country. However, these individuals could still potentially fill some of the gaps in the work environment. Despite the explanation of the new system, the BBC believes that the UK is in need of an immigration system that gives business leaders more simplicity and clarity all around.

The points-based Australian system simply isn’t easily understood by today’s UK businesses. Companies are very nervous about the system in place and aren’t sure how they’ll be able to hire the best talent going forward.