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Labour Reveals New Compromise Position on UK Immigration and UK Visas

12 Nov 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The Labour party has announced that it will be unveiling a “compromise position” on immigration in its manifesto that would avoid committing full “free movement” after Brexit takes place.

The compromise position announcement would expand the rights of migrants so that they could bring critical family members with them into the UK when they obtain their UK visas. However, at the same time, the strategy aims to reduce some of the strain on the UK and keep immigration under wraps.

Jeremy Corbyn commented on the arrival of the new UK work permit strategy ahead of the manifesto launch. He noted that he would like a Labour government to allow for a great deal of movement in the UK, and a more liberal UK immigration policy overall.

However, the Labour leader also said that free movement wouldn’t necessarily be able to continue in its current form. Instead, he said that immigration strategies should be able to help to give more UK work permits to locations like the NHS and allow for more expanded rights.

A lot of EU nationals have made their homes in the UK, and Labour believes that those people have made huge contributions to the society of the country. Many of the families in the UK today have already been through a huge amount of stress trying to get their UK visas. These people should have the right to remain and bring their families into the country, according to Labour’s manifesto. Labour also believes that huge changes will need to be made to the way that the UK work permit is given to people across the UK if we hope to maintain things like the NHS, which are considered to be crucial to the growth and continued health of the country.

Many people will be waiting to see how Labour’s plans for the UK work permit and UK visas will pan out in the months to come. Read more about Labour's plans for the UK immigration system here.