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What are the Latest Fast-Track UK Visas Available for Immigrants?

09 Nov 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

After months of escalating concerns about the UK work permit and opportunities that might allow people to find a career in Britain, the UK government announced some positive news. The Home Office revealed that it would now be fast-tracking UK work permit applications for people with specific skills in the Technology, Science, Mathematics and Engineering environments.

The new fast-track option for people in search of certain visas will also come with access to a new immigration route for overseas graduates, which allows them to stay in the UK for two years following their studies. In November, the Government also announced a new strategy that would help to fast-track some of the UK visa applications made by people in the health service industry. These three new routes are excellent routes for overseas workers who hope to start a life in the UK, if they are placed into the system correctly.

The latest announcement regarding new fast-track systems for health service workers is particularly interesting, as it will allow the UK government to make it easier for migrants to taker part in the National Health Service (NHS). Over the last few years, the NHS has struggled to gain the number of talented professionals that it needs to keep hospitals and other healthcare environments running smoothly. However, the fast-track option should hopefully help to offset a reduction in NHS workers, particularly after Brexit.

The new fast-track NHS visa will help the UK government to reduce the risk of skill shortages in the health service, while keeping costs low at the same time. The price for this UK work permit will be half the normal fee, at £464. This lower price will also make it a lot easier for people overseas who haven’t been able to afford to enter the country before now to make progress with their applications if they’re planning on joining the health services environment.