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Migrants Wait Months for UK Visas Even After Paying Extra for Priority Cases

07 Nov 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The Home Office is once again facing scrutiny by people across the UK applying for UK work permits and visas. According to the Home Office, the people in the UK who apply for a visa using the super-priority premium system would be able to hear back about their request for indefinite leave to remain in the UK within a single day.

With a £800 cost, various UK visa applicants have been told that they can reduce their 6-month wait significantly. However, that extra expense can be far too much for some people to handle on top of existing visa expenses, which often add up to over £2,000.

Unfortunately, the super-priority solution doesn’t seem to be offering the outcomes that it promised, if a recent case for Canadian applicant, Xanthe Couture is anything to go by. Couture purchased the priority pass to ramp up her chances of getting a response on her application for a UK visa as quickly as possible. However, Couture still had to wait five months before she heard that her application had been successful. According to Couture, the delay meant that she was forced to miss a summit that she was organising, along with crucial overseas meetings.

For those in search of UK work permit, the priority premium may have seemed like an excellent way to keep their stress levels to a minimum as they search for solutions that allow them to stay in the country. However, clearly, the priority strategy isn’t working as well as people had hoped. The Home Office has said that the 24-hour turnaround period offered with the fast-track option may not be guaranteed if extra checks are necessary into the application.

However, applicants are still forced to pay the extra money for the chance to get a slightly faster turnaround time, even if they don’t get anywhere any faster than usual.