News Archive - November 2019

Labour Suggests Managed Migration and UK Visas After Brexit

05 Nov 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Much has been shared about the Conservative party and its plans for UK visas over recent months. However, very little attention has been given to Labour, and what the alternative party would do if they had their way with UK sisas.

According to Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Labour would be keen to introduce a different era for UK visas, with managed migration options for EU nationals if Brexit does happen.

The party is currently in the process of debating what immigration policy they will offer at the upcoming election. However, senior Labour figures are already discussing ideas. Some groups believe that Labour will reject the proposed idea of income-based entry, as well as the maintenance of free movement from and to the EU.

The campaign coordinator for Labour, Andrew Gywnne has said that the Labour team will be looking to strike new agreements with the EU that allow the British citizens of tomorrow to enjoy some of the freedoms that will be lost after Brexit.

Alternatively, Michael Gove has argued that a government led by Labour will put excessive pressure on public services with free movement options. When asked to expand on UK visa plans, Thornberry said that a Labour government would be looking into new controls on EU nationals. Crucially, however, the people who have already got UK work permits and the indefinite leave to remain in the UK would not be facing any restrictions or significant changes.

Labour has also announced that its policy for Brexit would be to attempt to negotiate a departure deal that would include a union membership for customs, and access to the single market. This strategy would be presented to the public in a referendum, alongside the option to ignore Brexit entirely and remain in the EU. The Labour group have said that they want to make sure that UK visa options are fair for everyone whether we remain in the EU or not.