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Home Office 'Stalling' on UK Work Permit Scheme for NHS Doctors

04 Nov 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Currently, groups are speaking out about the fact that there aren't enough work permits and tier 2 work visas going out to people who could be hired in jobs by the NHS. Currently, the tier 2 work permit is going through a period of change, but at the same time, there's a huge shortage of medical staff in the UK.

The Tier 2 sponsor license and the tier 2 work permit environment have both placed doctors and nurses on the list for occupation shortages, or the "SOL". However, despite this, the government and Home office has not introduced any specific new strategies for supporting the growth of doctors and hiring in the NHS.

The Home Office has recently said that it plans to expand the existing medical training initiative, as it stands under the authorized exchange visa or tier 5 visa. However, up until now, the UK government has stalled on this plan, according to Personnel Today reports. The scheme would make a significant difference in the UK if it was allowed to come about, by allowing more medical trainees to work and study in the UK under the guidance of the NHS.

Earlier this year, bosses at the head of the NHS announced that the UK government would be expanding the MTI scheme, but since then, groups have said that nothing has happened to make a significant change to the hiring environment in the UK for overseas doctors and nurses.

If Brexit continues to go ahead as planned, either with or without a deal, the UK will need a strategy in place to make sure that doctors and nurses are getting the UK work permit they need to continue thriving in the current environment.

The plan to expand the MTI scheme is apparently still in place, although it is not certain when action will begin to support more NHS workers coming into the country and learning within the UK.