News Archive - October 2019

UK Work Permit for Post-Study Applicants Causes Confusion

30 Oct 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Questions around eligibility and deferment from international students have emerged rapidly over the last couple of weeks, after the UK government announced it's decision to introduce some post-study work rights.

Re-introducing post-study work rights would be a positive step forward for individuals hoping to apply for a UK work permit after obtaining their education in a UK university. However, while the UK sector has rejoiced at the idea of a new avenue for UK visas, there has been some confusion too.

According to the UKCISA Chief Executive, Ann-Marie Graham, the phone hotline has been brimming with students unsure whether they're eligible for this kind of UK work permit or not. Some students even wanted to know whether they should be moving their start date to next year to help them benefit from the new scheme.

The UKCISA group works on the frontline of the post-study work environment, dealing with questions and concerns from international students. The group has reached out to all of its members for information on how many students are deferring to a later start date. Currently, universities are seeing a huge increase in the number of people moving their start date to January 2020. However, the government line for the meantime is that most students set to graduate from the end of Summer 2021 should be able to apply for a post-study UK work permit.

Professionals and leaders in the educational industry have urged the government to get to work on implementing the new route for UK visas as quickly as possible, to ensure that as many students as possible can continue to come into the UK. The educational environment would also like to see the implementation of a Tier 4 leave to remain extension too. There's no news on whether this extension could be come available or not yet.