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A No-Deal Brexit Could Make Touring Impossible for UK Artists

27 Oct 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Tier 2 work permits and everyday UK visas aren't the only things that the UK would have to worry about in the case of a no-deal Brexit, according to insights from music industry experts. In a recent report, the music sector noted that a no-deal Brexit could make touring an unviable option for many artists. This would be particularly true after new government guidelines have signaled that the future is likely to be difficult for DIY music groups.

The document published by the Department for Culture, Digital, Sport and Media indicates that touring parties would face a huge number of additional issues with work permit options, UK visas, travel documentation and more if they take their work to the EU.
According to the Chief Executive for UK Music, Michael Dugher, Superstars that book their tours months or years in advance could be the exception to the rule. However, most artists will operate on tiny margins and simply wouldn't be able to afford the extra costs that come with trying to tour outside of the UK.

Already, British artists have begun to cancel some of their pre-planned European tours, while promoters have withdrawn their investment. In September, Imogen Heap, a British musician said that she would be cancelling her upcoming EU tour in November. The reason for the cancellation was associated with "uncertainties" that come from attempting to travel through the EU after Brexit.

As musicians continue to fret over UK work permit and visa options for travelling throughout the EU, the music industry is urging the government to come up with new ways of supporting the free movement of artists for tours. The issues are also expected to have a similar impact on sport, where athletes need to travel among different countries to compete in their chosen profession. The President of the Uefa said that it could be complicated to hold a tournament like Euro 2020 once Brexit takes place.