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Hundreds of Skilled People Left Without a UK Work Permit Due to Flawed Home Office Policy

25 Oct 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Hundreds of skilled individuals have been forced to leave their careers behind and live in destitution thanks to a haphazard government response to a court ruling. According to recent reports, more than 1,600 civil servants, doctors, and other professionals in the country with the current UK work permit have been left without a job and facing deportation in recent years.

Apparently, the issue took place because these individuals made changes to their tax filings. The amendments were legal, but the Home Office used them against the applicants by using a new section of immigration law to remove people from the country who pose a threat to national safety.

A court of appeal judgement that appeared in April of this year has proven that the Home Office's decision to refuse indefinite leave to remain in the UK applications from these people had been legally flawed. According to the judgement, the applicants had not been given a fair opportunity to protect their UK work permit and dispute the charge. Unfortunately, UK immigration lawyers have said that the Home Office used shady delay tactics to ensure that they didn't have to support the people who were affected. Around 300 people were left unable to argue their innocence and stuck in poverty.

Campaigners have said that the issue is completely unacceptable, and that the fact that the government is continuing to delay cases is forcing people into an ever more hostile environment. According to one man who lost his permit rights in 2015 due to the unfair policy, he often has to choose between feeding his child and taking his wife to the doctor for severe illnesses.

Campaigners are now arguing that the hundreds of people who have been pushed into destitution in a hostile environment should be able to access the help that they need. A Home Office spokesperson has said that the department will be getting in touch with all applicants who have had their UK work permit cases put on hold as quickly as possible.