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Will It Be Easier to Get a UK Work Permit Outside of London?

23 Oct 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

With Brexit just around the corner, many potential applicants considering their options for getting a tier 2 work permit in the UK are beginning to look for easier routes into the country.

The government has announced that legislation will now be paving the way for Australian-style rules for allowing people into the country, but businesses have been warned that it might be difficult to access the skills they need from outside of the UK in the months to come.

In the Queens Speech, the government highlighted the fact that it will be committing to ending free movement for European Citizens in the UK after Brexit. However, the government lacks a majority in parliament at this time, which means that it's unclear what will actually happen to the UK work permit going forward, and whether any of the bills mentioned in the speech will become law.

According to the Head of Business Immigration firm, Bird and Bird, Yuichi Sekine, the introduction of the new immigration bill will lead to even more uncertainty in the country.

Interestingly, the government has also commented that it is thinking about awarding more points to people moving to the North of England. This could be an effort that the country is undertaking to make sure that more skills-deprived regions of the UK are getting the kind of talent they need. After all, a lot of Northern regions throughout the country are facing a shortage of doctors and teachers.

Although it's uncertain what's going to happen to the UK work permit at this point, or how points are going to be assigned to people who want to make their way into the country in the years to come, experts are warning everyone to prepare for the worst. The age of uncertainty inspired by Brexit is far from over, and we will have to wait and see what happens to the talent shortages across the country.