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UK Home Office Threatens to Deport Academic to a Country She's Never Even Visited

20 Oct 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

As concerns around the UK work permit continue to rise, with Brexit just around the corner, the Home Office has threatened to deport yet another citizen this week.

According to UK immigration lawyers, the Home Office rejected the UK visa application of a young academic named Fuhara Asani in August. Asani says that the country plans to deport her to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she was born, although she hasn't visited the location since her birth.

Dr. Asani arrived in the UK on a full scholarship, where she planned to complete her PHD on immunity and infection at the University of Sheffield. The young academic has been working on her cardiovascular research at Leicester University too. Although her father was from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and she has a Congolese passport, she grew up in Nigeria. Fuhara has never been to the DRC, which currently has some of the worst human rights conditions in the world. She has told UK immigration consultants that she doesn't know anyone in the country and does not speak the language.

Shortly after her application for British Naturalisation was rejected, Fuhara received a letter from the Home Office claiming that she had no right to appeal their decision within the UK. She has been told that she will be deported back to the DRC if she doesn't go willingly. According to Dr. Asani, the letter is a very frightening one, particularly when the Republic of Congo is known as such a dangerous place. Asani's case is contributing to mounting worries among other academics, who say that the hostile environment for Immigration UK applications is making it harder for talented professionals to come into the country.

Because her application for a UK visa and UK work permit has been declined, Asani has lost a potential career as a skills consultant within Leicester University. She noted that as a passionate teacher, the job would have been an opportunity for her to truly pursue what she loved in the country. Currently, Asani has until the 7th of November to willingly leave the country, or be deported to the Democratic Republic of Congo.