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Does Applying for UK Visas Cause Fatal Amounts of Stress?

17 Oct 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

According to a recent report, a Windrush immigrant who spent 50 years in the UK with the correct UK work permit and documentation recently "died from the stress" associated with losing his job.

The victim, Dexter Bristol was unable to prove that he was British, according to the news story, and his health began to deteriorate as a result. When Bristol could not successfully prove his right to access a UK visa, he quickly lost control of his health, and eventually suffered from a cardiac arrest.

Dexter Bristol worked with a tier 2 work permit at Great Ormond Street Hospital and experienced a cardiac arrest in March 2018. Mr. Bristol originally arrived in the UK when he was only eight years old and has lived in the country ever since. According to a consultant cardiologist who examined Mr. Bristol's body, there was reasonable cause to believe that the heart attack Bristol had experienced was caused by the overwhelming stress of trying to achieve indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Dexter's loved ones noted that he was under a high level of stress, finding out that he would have to prove his right to stay in the country, and that he would lose his income in the meantime. Mr. Bristol was also experiencing other forms of stress at the same time. For instance, he had recently found out that his mother wasn't his biological relative.

Although various professionals have argued against the idea that the application for a UK visa and the corresponding stress associated with trying to remain in the UK is what caused Dexter's death, his mother thinks otherwise. Sentina Bristol blamed her son's death on his constant fight to prove that he should be able to remain in the country that he called home. This is only one of the recent stories in on Immigration in the UK that highlights the stress currently involved with applying for UK visas successfully.