News Archive - October 2019

What Happens to the UK Work Permit in a No Deal Brexit?

14 Oct 2019 | Carl Thomas

A no-deal readiness report for Brexit has recently been published by the government for residents inside of the UK, and individuals overseas. The document contains a number of useful insights into what might happen to UK visas, the state of British Naturalisation and the changing nature of the UK work permit if a no-deal Brexit happens.

According to the British government, the document is an attempt to ensure that both businesses and citizens alike feel prepared for the arrival of Brexit at the end of October. Although the Government would like to have a deal to leave the EU with, it's becoming increasingly likely that Brexit will happen on a no-deal basis. If this situation does occur, then there will be a lot of questions to answer around things like the tier 2 work permit, the new points-based system, and how people can trade outside of the UK.

In a comment about the recent documentation, Boris Johnson noted that he will be working until the final hour to try and get a deal for the UK when the country leaves the EU. However, he believes that it's essential for individuals and businesses throughout the country to be prepared for whatever might happen. The paper suggests that the government has been preparing to leave the EU without a deal since the first time Brexit was decided in 2016.

The details of the report also sets out some of the preparation strategies that are available to help make sure that goods continue to move smoothly around the UK and across the EU border after Brexit occurs. The Government also notes that the preparation for a no-deal Brexit includes sending business guidance advice to over 220,000 companies around the UK about the steps they need to take for proper importing and exporting after the country leaves the EU.