News Archive - October 2019

Home Office Changes Stance on NHS Doctor Facing Deportation

10 Oct 2019 | Carl Thomas

The Home Office recently chose to abandon its plan of removing an NHS doctor without the correct UK work permit from the country. Dr Mu-Chun Chiang was expecting to leave the UK this month, despite the fact that she has lived and worked in the country for the past 18 years. However, when the issue around a tiny error on Chiang's application for a tier 2 work permit led to her deportation, the news story sparked a public outcry.

Dr. Mu-Chun Chiang will now receive the correct UK work permit to allow her to remain in the country and continue the training that she recently began in August of 2019 to become a GP with the NHS. Chiang was told in early October that she only had 14 days to leave the UK, or she would face arrest or detention after she accidentally sent the wrong documentation in with her UK visa application.

Chiang was born in Taiwan, but she has lived and worked in Britain for the last 18 years, recently entering into training to become a GP with the NHS in Liverpool. The Home Office's decision to deny Chiang's UK work permit based on such a small error sparked outrage among several medical groups, who warned that such a ridiculous decision would stop other professionals from coming to work in the NHS from overseas.

Chiang's application for a tier 2 work permit as rejected because she sent the wrong bank statements, although she quickly rectified this error. Despite Chiang's request for the Home Office to consider the new statements, the government told her she would need to leave the UK within 2 weeks, abandoning her work and her studies in the process.

After many people regarded the decision as unfair and inhumane, the Home Office decided to listen to the public and make a U-Turn. The Home Office has now decided to change their recent decision to ignore Chiang's please for reconsideration and will be allowing her to stay in the UK, where she will be free to return to her training.