News Archive - October 2019

New Points-Based UK Immigration System 'Makes UK Visas Harder to Obtain'

04 Oct 2019 | Carl Thomas

The UK's Home Secretary, Priti Patel recently announced the arrival of new rules for the UK work permit and immigration system. According to Patel, the government will be introducing a points-based strategy, similar to the one currently used in Australia. Once England leaves the EU at the end of this month, the points-based system is intended to deliver a stricter immigration regime, outside of the "free movement" strategy.

Patel announced the change to the management of UK visas at a Conservative Party annual conference, stating that her mission was to introduce a solution that allowed the UK to take back control of its borders after Brexit. Priti Patel believes that the updated options for British nautralisation will protect the country, while also helping to attract only the best and brightest talent to the country.

Experts have said that it's still unclear how the new UK visas system will work, and exactly how it will differ from the skills-based strategy previously suggested by Sajid Javid in the December whitepaper from 2018. The white paper in December suggested a minimum salary threshold for workers coming into the UK, with no cap on the number of UK visas distributed. On the other hand, a move towards an Australian-based system will allow for the number of UK work permits to be carefully managed according to changing demands for skills in different professions.

One area that appears to be clear with the arrival of the new rules is that anyone who will want to migrate to the UK in the future may need to have a job already lined up. Patel has acknowledged that the new version of the tier 2 work permit in the future will require a job offer, which actually makes it more like the PBS system in Austria and New Zealand than the one in Australia.

Patel has already asked the MAC group to review how the UK can go about implementing the Australian-style PBS. This review will examine how points will be awarded going forward.