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Think Tank Urges Government to Scrap Fees for Doctors to Use the NHS in the UK

03 Jan 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Changes to the UK work permit under Boris Johnson’s new government suggest that it will soon be much easier for doctors and nurses to enter the UK and gain UK visas. However, the change to the tier 2 work permit and requirements for doctors and nurses hasn’t changed some aspects of living in Britain for medical professionals.

A Think Tank called the Kings Fund has warned that charges to immigrant doctors and nurses in the UK using the NHS may stop future people from seeking UK work permits, even under the new regime.

The charges to immigrants in the UK to use the NHS currently stand at £400 per year but will soon increase to £625 for both foreign workers and their dependents. These charges are still in place for members of staff who will be working for the NHS, and many experts are concerns that the extra expenses will deter the people who the UK most wants to attract to the country.

The rising costs of the new fees mean that a health professional from overseas will need to pay £2,500 per year for them, their partner, and two children to use the same service that they’re employed by.

Boris Johnson has come under fire already for his decision to increase the health surcharge in policies for migrants from outside of the EU Economic Area. Although Johnson has pledged to bring 50,000 more nurses and an additional 6,000 GPs into the country by 2024, the think tank has suggested that it is going to be difficult for the Prime Minister to achieve these goals when expensive fees are still in place.

Already, according to the Chief Executive of the Kings Fund, fears regarding the new expenses are already arising. Many groups are concerned that the staff shortages in the NHS and private practices will continue.